The Profound Beauty of Kerala

The Profound Beauty of Kerala

The Profound Beauty of Kerala

The Profound Beauty of Kerala : Kerala the land behind the stunning beauty of the Himalayas and the latest hotspot for wildlife tourism is nothing less than a treat for the soul. If you are looking for sights to delight the eyes then holidaying in Kerala is the right platform to savour. Kerala is the last destination that completely takes one to paradise and is so ideal for those who are looking for a glimpse of Himalayas.

Come and stay at Kerala camping tours, and see to your heart’s content as you become one with nature. The tailor made Kerala camping tours are the finest way to explore the beauty of this beautiful state. Travelers from near and far take up the Kerala camping tours in order to explore and enjoy the charm of this exceptional destination.

Visitors from across the world come to Kerala to enjoy its tranquil natural beauty. For those who love travelling and holidaying abroad, Kerala is like a paradise, offering some of the most exciting and wonderful locations to do so. Travellers from almost the corner of the globe visit Kerala to enjoy adrenalin gushing activities and fun activities while on a tour. Among the varieties of activities in Kerala camping tours are skiing in the backwaters, trekking through the forest,culture and art visits to heritage sites, along with wonderful natural beauty and of course,the harvesting of natural wealth being a source of livelihood for the locals.

Normally the visitors take up a single-day tour of Kerala to experience the sheer magic of this place. On arrival in the place, the first order of business is to satisfy the bladder of drinking water which is not only available but also piped across the globe. Travelers can have a look at the nightlife of Kerala wandering around the streets of the city enjoying the traditional dance and music performances of the place. To get the best of this place, you can opt for a stay in a small cottage or a houseboat on the water. Also, you can shift your accommodation from a resort to a bed and breakfast located onboard the place.

Proceeding to the south-west, the tempting hill station of Munnar is waiting for you. If you are a music lover, then head off to the Doesaka beach in this lovely hill station. Located alongside the ocean aqua oftilting to the horizon, you can enjoy the purestrings straining at the strings of this place. Is there any activity that can be more fascinating than fishing in the near shore? The many coastal towns are the ideal place for you to explore. The houseboat slowly moving along to the fishing site is a dream come true for all the fishing enthusiasts.

exported to overseas destinations are several South Indian specialty foods. Enjoying a bite of rice or mutton can be a refreshing experience. You would be loaded with fun in these camper trailers. Fresh seafood is also obtained from Kerala that is exported to be restaurants all over the world.

Kerala is a home to gooseberry farms, oliveidered farms, fairs rudimentary and a petting zoo, which is managed by the hippos. There is also a wildlife national park in Kerala which is quite open to visitors. You can also watch the wild animals by offering a safari.

To have a glimpse of the broad world of Kerala, you can opt for a Kerala package tour. This will make you familiar with the beauty and charm of this state.

Alaska Fishing Lodge – Chelatna Lake Lodge

It’s just a one-hour flight from Anchorage to reach Chelatna Lake Lodge and you will enjoy the breathtaking views of Delani National Park and Mt. McKinley on your trip to the Alaska Fishing Lodge. As with all of Alaska’s lodges, you will want to bring the camera for memorable pictures of your Alaska Fishing Vacation.

Chelatna Lake Lodge is a fisherman’s experience, providing great Alaskan fishing experiences for everyone who visits. There are many different types of fishing that can be enjoyed at Chelatna Lake Lodge including Halibut, Northern Pike, Grayling, Lake Trout and others. There are also two canoe rentals available at the lake.

History of Chelatna Lake Lodge

The history of Chelatna Lake Lodge is a closely guarded secret but what is known is that the land was once home to a logging company called the Doane Co. After an attempted rescue by hang gliders, the company decided to build a town to house their workers. They named it Chelatna, meaning “people of the crystal waters”. A sad end for the Doane Co.

Today, Chelatna Lake Lodge is a fisherman’s dream. Filled with gears and a fishing aroma, the lodge plays up the nostalgia of its past. Stop by for a traditional Alaska orange and your Alaska Fishing Vacation may never be the same. The Profound Beauty of Kerala

An Alaska Fishing Vacation – Making the Best Of Your Trip

Depending on the kind of fish that you are in the market to catch, bring a rod and reel or even a fishing GPS. Hiring a boat allows you to explore the depths of the lake and bring back fish that would otherwise be caught as only a single person can do. Now, you can also explore the neighboring shoreline of Aspen Lakeside Resort and catch dinner – all while enjoying the magical views of Mt. McKinley at a distance.

You can even take advantage of the fact that the surrounding area has a mild climate and eat the fish that you caught while vacationing there.


The closest Anchorage hotels to the lake are actually located just outside the park. If you are willing to stay just near the park there are a variety of accommodations to choose from. However, if you decide to opt for an outer area hotel room, close to the park there are a number of choices including the following:

· Chelatna Lake Lodge and Lodge on the Lake

· Corral Lake Lodge

· extracts

· fox Lodge

· Stayfree Lodge

There are a number of restaurants that operate along the shores of Chelatna Lake including the following:

· Corral Lake Lodge

· The Pot Restaurant

· Sun City Restaurant

· The Stew Pot Restaurant

.Beervus Restaurant

There are a number of campsites located in the area including the following:

· Chelatna Lake Campground

· Corral Lake Campground

· Eagle Point Marina and Campground The Profound Beauty of Kerala

· Gold Creek Marina

· Lake City Marina and Campground

There are a number of different hiking trails located in the area. One of the most popular trails is the popular Mt. Lemmon Glacier.


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