Boracay Paradise


Boracay: Paradise on Earth

Boracay Paradise
The island paradise of Boracay in the central Philippines is one of the world’s best kept secrets. The 4 main islands of Boracay plus an unlimited number of smaller islands are combusted in a tiny strip of land less than a quarter of the size of the main island of Pinar del Rio. Islands one and two are barely visible above the splash of waves on a white sandy beach while island three, which is the smallest, is surrounded by a headland and is surrounded by crystal clear waters lapping against the white sands.

It is safe to say that Boracay is an island paradise and the island getaway of Pinar del Rio is definitely one of the top holiday destinations in the Philippines.

boarding Boracay islands tours

Each island in Boracay brings with it a special holiday Different from island to island Boracay offers a wide array of themed board holiday packages. On your board holidays, you can during the daytime explore the island while coolest of the night life is at beach 2. These two largest islands of Boracay, which are Pinar del Rio and its sister island, Batangas, are definitely premier jetting locations and are the ideal place to enjoy a tropical cruise with groups of friends.

In order to avoid the growing number of tourists from the West, Boracay has implemented a stringent tourism policy that encompasses complete visitor control, exotic theme pyramids and a guaranteed white sand beach.

Boracay Philippines travel information:

The Filipinos are known to be very friendly and hospitable to tourists, many of which speak English. It’s best to have apre-planned travel routine and contact your hotel and Boracay tour operatorwell in advance of your arrival.

The beach is definitely your ‘long straw’, it is important to stay on, and enjoy the pristine white sand wherever you are!

supervision is given by the tourist boarders on how to behave and what behaviors are appropriate for the children

A numerous and large variety of activities, tours, and amusement for children

White sand beaches, turquoise water beaches, coral reefs, marine life

Air Batang Fun Air Batang Sur (RUNAB) is located 5 minutes away from the Puerto Galera side of Boracay Island. It is a private residence by the international airport of Puerto Galera and is the nation’s 1st fully developed resort island. Air Batang Sur offers the comfort of forgetting your troubles, chilling out, swimming in the pristine bubble gum waters, trekking around the island and many such family and kid activities.

The dream of ultimate relaxation and fun is a reality for those who take a chance on Boracay tour packages with Boracay hotels as an added advantage.

The hotel offers rooms that have a double bed and bunk beds with 2 per set, a deluxe room with 2 queen sized beds, and double bunk beds joined at the top part of each wall. Child bath apartments are also available.

There are 8 restaurants at Boracay that serve continental food and offer an array of menus. Additionally, you have an outdoor eating patio around the swimming pool where you can enjoy exotic dishes.

Almost Alice-esque Experience in Australia

Thank you, Australia, for fulfilling my fantasy of a long drive down to the Indian Ocean.

I wish I had a secluded spot to myself where I could nap in the afternoon and write in the morning without being interrupted. Unfortunately, I married a nice guy and we had to move on with our plans. So, I settled on the freeway.

We drove out of Brisbane knowing that one week it would be nothing more than a distant memory. We continued south intoinia until we reached Alice. Nothing had prepared me for that place. I’d imagine the place is mostly forgettable after the first hour. You might considerclusive like 10 euros a day (before tax) to understand what you need to. But no one can deny their senses when they come across that place. Highway 1 to Alice looks like can park anywhere, including in the surf.

The highway is about 80km from Alice to Geelong and the rest of Victoria. You get to know the rest of Victoria as you pass them by. You start to understand what this kind of life must have meant to those original settlers – plenty of vineyards, fishing lakes and friendly people.

There are onlyrows of buildings in Alice which bear testament to its Victorian heritage. Those pioneers had a flair for style and imagination. They also had plenty of charm too.

Alice also has a way of making you feel reflective. Just look at the old Victorian gasworks that are made of stone. They have since been converted to a mix of accommodation and retail shops. A stroll through Alice will give you a Lakshmi Vilpal feel!

P strategists find that Alice makes for the perfect backdrop for a “light windy day”. Many cafes and restaurants are clustered around the famous Hastings Street. The Victoria Theatre is always open, and playing host to live performances and festivals. Down the side streets, you find La Terraza and L’Escargot, two chic restaurants. Both recommendPhiladelphia- influenced breakfasts. But, wait – how do you pick just one meal to savor?

Alice is also the site of one of Melbourne’s most significant climbs: the 2400 metre climb to the peak of Table Mountain. Many people bypass this climb and spend a full day at the equally impressive Royal Botanical Gardens. Table Mountain is also an excellent place to take in impressive vistas of the whole city.

If you ever get a need to recharge your batteries, head outdoors to Bell Towers for breath-taking views and the stunningling red rock pools. Nothing beats a day climb of this Giant rock formation. You can also climb the Great Ocean Road, pay a visit to the beach side Pavilion and attend a free music concert at the Amphitheatre.

During your stay at accommodation in Lorne, you won’t have to Rising up from your post or lake house to experience the beginnings of the Great Australian Outback. Many of the bush walks are dry, and do not include lunch or refreshments. Therefore, it is always wise to pay close attention to the advice in the guide books, and to how you get out to the bush. If you follow, you’ll return all the better for your return to the city.


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